012. JAKOVIDES Georgios (1853-1932)

012. JAKOVIDES Georgios (1853-1932)

‘Motherly affection’ c1890s

Signed oil on leather 45×34 cm (subject 25×18)

€ 4.000 – 6.000

In this important masterpiece by the great artist of the Munich School his favorite scene of the feeding of a baby is depicted with the faith and the discernment of a psychologist. The female figure is rendered with tenderness and warmth in a deeply human world. The artist achieves a dynamic spiritualization of form and shape; chromatic nobility, tenderness and sensitivity dominate through his masterful use of color, quality tonalities, and variations. The earthy colors of academic painting, the tight form and unparalleled design allow Iakovidis to present a figure bathed in a luminous outline. Defined within the painting, the source of light forms a wreath of luminosity around the mother’s head, canonizing and memorializing her figure: robust and serene, with rosy flesh and a thoughtful contemplation of life on her features.

Variation SOTHEBY’s ‘Greek sale’ 17/4/2003

EXHIBiTED ‘Greek Painters of 19th & 20th C.’ ΑΜΑLIA Art Gallery Αthens 1988 Curator Stelios Lydakis

Shown in the exhib. Catalogue no.48


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