011. PANTAZIS Pericles (1849-1884)

011. PANTAZIS Pericles (1849-1884)

‘The teapot‘

Signed oil on canvas 34×50 cm

€ 3.000 – 3.500

A remarkable and hard to find work by Pericles Pantazis that reflects and condenses the artistic pursuits of the modernist era at the end of the 19th century. It convincingly combines the robust realism of Courbet the chromatic boldness of Manet and the impressionistic freedom in the rendering of light. His poetic reflection on the representation of the world and his recognizable personal morphoplastic idiom are evident in the volumetric rendering of the object which employs shadows and soft tonal gradations. This technique faintly delineates the rounded volumes and captures a poetic lyrical atmosphere emphasizing the monumentality of the everyday object with simplicity.


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