008. JAKOVIDES Georgios (1853-1932)

008. JAKOVIDES Georgios (1853-1932)

‘Portrait of a lady’

Signed oil on canvas 48×37 cm

€ 5.000 – 8.000

In this masterful discovery by the great craftsman of the Munich School with realistic philanthropy and ingenuity of a psychologist, the female figure is rendered with warmth in a world deeply human. The artist achieves a dynamic spiritualization of the form and face; chromatic nobility tenderness and sensitivity are dominant as is his enchanting use of the material quality of color its tonalities and variations. With the earthy colors of academic painting, with a tight form and incomparable design, Iakovidis presents the figure bathed in a bright outline. The light source is found within the painting giving it monumentality. Idealistic poeticism, a tendency to beautification, eerie clarity and purity shape the soft volumes; the resulting figure is depicted as healthy, robust, teeming with life, rosy flesh and considerate contemplation of life.

This painting is offered with a Letter of Authenticity by the renowned art professor Stelios Lydakis

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