008. HATZIS Vassilios (1870-1915)

008. HATZIS Vassilios (1870-1915)

‘Ship on choppy waters’

Signed oil on board 60×90 cm (Full framed dimensions: 90×120 cm)

€ 3.500 – 5.000

An emblematic beautiful work by Hatzis, the artist who studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts alongside Nikiforos Lytras and, not coincidentally, Constantinos Volanakis. He is considered one of the leading seascape artists of the late 19th – early 20th century alongside with Altamouras and the aforementioned Volanakis. The renowned master adeptly captures a romantic and poetic rendering of the sea in this work, a testament to the extensive experience and keen observational skills of a man who, more than any other lived by the sea. During the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 he served as a war correspondent aboard Greek naval vessels providing a firsthand account of the Greek fleet’s actions. The artist employs a remarkable degree of vividness, range and authenticity in his portrayal of the ship being battered by waves as it traverses the vastness of the stormy sea.


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