27th Greek Sale


ELECTRA PALACE HOTEL / Aristotelous str. 9, Thessaloniki

7th December 2018  –  19:30 pm



Once again, a very valuable treasure of fine art by a large number of the great Greek artists of the 19th and 20th centuries will be auctioned next Friday, December 7, at 7.30 pm at the ELECTRA PALACE Hotel in Thessaloniki.

At the 27th international “Greek Sale” that we have been organizing successfully over the last 15 years, selected works of art by Parthenis, Maleas, Economou, Papaloukas, Ghika, Gaitis, Condopoulos, Spyropoulos, Bousianis, Akrithakis, Vassiliou, Nikos Kessanlis and dozens more, will go under the hammer at provocatively low reserve prices which would have caused the earth to shake in the past!

A handful of the works, such as those by Romanidis, Umberto Argyros, Kandylis and others, as well as the impressive Athenian trireme construction / sculpture, are even being offered with no reserve at all! Clearly however, it is this very element, which attributes all the beauty and magic inherent in the world of auctions; as it is essentially up to the buyer to determine the prices for which the works are eventually sold. The excitement stirred by the competition, is obviously what determines whether there is enough momentum for prices to exceed expectations or not.


Σπ. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΥNikos Kessanlis’ “poplar trees”, which adorns the cover of this luxury catalogue, is a very distinguished and highly collectible work from his series of “trees”. Next, our attention is particularly drawn to the Museum-esque type quality of the marble sculpture by Makris; notorious as the traveler with the valuable cargo of ‘Mataroa’, as well as the sculptor of the “head”, which is a landmark in the courtyard of the Athens Polytechnic.

This unique work by Memos Makris, which is due to be auctioned for a starting price below the 10% mark of his usual trade prices, masterfully portrays his personal interpretation of the “thinker”!


It is definitely anticipated to be an evening colored beautifully due to the fine quality of the art, although also one filled with excitement, as there are clearly great bargains to be taken advantage of. Save the date!

The exceptional works by these great Greek artists will be displayed in the historic city of Thessaloniki to the public, for a limited time only before being sold off.