28th Greek Sale


ELECTRA PALACE HOTEL / Aristotelous str. 9, Thessaloniki

14th June 2019  –  20:15 pm


The surrounding atmosphere of the crisis in Greece has left its traces of trauma on art, which has always captured the zeitgeist as well as its historical socio-political context. However, today it remains vociferously silent!

It is no longer just its ‘elitism’ that is responsible for this great silence in the world of art and in its manifestations and its course. The sense of a numbed, exhausted art has its roots in vacillation, in impasses, conundrums, dangers, sorrows, or traumatic memories on both the personal and the collective level, resulting in absolute confusion and inability to understand the surrounding nebula.

Art, as a global language, a condensed, encapsulated experience of cultural interactions aimed at the senses, is an area of symbolic experience, a meeting point of our inner with the outer world, promoting our level of awareness for its deeper understanding. It is a way out of loneliness not only when with the Other, but also with oneself.



The dynamics of art, as the ability to distance oneself from and process experience, as an opportunity for self-realization, as a global language of communication, has a transformative power for healing and dealing with the collective trauma as well as the injured art itself.

If we take strength from it, we will be able to better understand the present and dream of the future, totally reconciled with the sense of humanness’s inadequacy, our inevitable destiny of death.

Perhaps, with the patience, the perseverance and the support of those of us who love and believe in it, it will dissipate the darkness and illuminate the heavy shadows that blur our passage in life…

Perhaps it also can, and yes … it will, give voice to the trauma, because, as Elias Canetti remarked, “The trauma is not cured nor does it disappear; we just have to learn to breathe through it.”


Thanos Evangelinos
May 2019