Many people define Greek art as “a nice copy of the Venus of Milo”. Which is fine, if you like your art to be more of a… souvenir. We prefer to recognise the intervening millennia and aim to present works that span the rich diversity of the Hellenic artistic scene…  in a package you’ll be pleased to own, and proud to display.

Art is a very personal choice. Thanks to our long experience, we understand this better than most. We match pieces with customers carefully, so that you can make the most out of the artwork you’ve chosen to purchase, and the experience of owning it.

Thanks to our professionals, buying Greek art is seamless and uncomplicated for you…. definitely worth considering, in a country that has good reasons to regulate the trade in cultural goods.

Each person gets to decide for themselves who to trust, but our work is designed from the get-go to build trust. Being trustworthy is the best way for us to grow our relationship with customers and other stakeholders of the field.

Nobody wants a blabbermouth art dealer. Obviously. With Hellenic Auctions, discretion is a guaranteed part of the package for all parties: buyers and sellers, art-lovers and artists, professionals and individuals.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, there is very little we do not know about Hellenic Art. Be it a Geralis, a Parthenis or a Papaloukas, or even a Moralis, we can identify it, appraise it, and sell or find it for you.