Mytaras Dimitrios (Born. 1934)

  • Originally from a humble family of Ηalkida, Mytaras devoted much of his love and work to his city of origin, which also hosts the Mytaras museum.
  • He studied under Papaloukas and Moralis as well as Labisse and Barrault in France.
  • He received many distinctions and recognition nationally as well as internationally, and was notably awarded the rank of commander of the Order of the Phoenix (Greece) in 1999. Although elected to the Athens Academy in 2008, the exercise of this high honour was denied him due to an illness which severely damaged his eyesight.
  • His style is easily recognisable and linked to his beginnings in design. He tended towards expressionism (incl. abstract), although there have also been influences from surrealism. Themes of Hellenism, tradition, urban and natural landscapes, humanity and the metaphysical are recurrent in his work, as is a deep connection with the fundamental values of representative art.
  • He has also been a teacher, a writer, a scenographer and a costumer.