I.  What is an art valuation?

An art valuation is a complex effort to determine what price a certain specific work of art might fetch for its seller at the time of the valuation.

As such, it is a complex effort, involving a study of both the artwork itself as well as an assessment of the work’s and artist’s position in the market.

For a better introduction to all the things that may play a part in a valuation, we recommend you visit wikipedia’s article on the subject.

II. Getting your art valued

Hellenic Auctions does offer valuations of pieces of art created by Greek artists or inspired by them. We have two different procedures:

“Simple” valuations. In this instance, the owner of a piece of fine art asks the expert to take a quick look at his property and give him some idea of its quality and value. These valuations can happen electronically and are non-binding. When contacting the auction house to request a valuation, please also send as many high quality photos of the art piece as possible, especially of distinctive such as signatures or titles. Descriptions of mediums, additional documents, or a brief history of the item could be helpful but are not as important.

  • A description of the medium item and its condition.
  • Information

“Complex” valuations. Meant for individuals who intend on more than “just asking”, a “complex” valuation requires a preliminary discussion with the auction house, and an agreement on cost. We will need to see the original in person, and keep it on our premises for a few days until we have had the requisite time to assess it.

If you are interested in either of these, please use the contact form to send us an email.