Engonopoulos Nikos (1907-1985)

Artist poet, poet artist

  • One of the main Greek surrealists; he was a painter, a scenographer, a poet as well as a translator, a critic and an essayist among others.
  • He studied under Parthenis, Kondoglou, Xiggopoulou along with Tsarouchis and met a number of important artists such as Moralis or De Chirico, inspiring himself from a variety of genres.
  • In 1949, he became a founding member of the “Armos” art group, along with Ghikas, Moralis, Nikolaou, Tetsis and Tsarouchis.
  • Acclaim came for both his poetry and his art. He represented Greece at the Venice Biennale of 1954, while in 1958 he was awarded the 1st prize for his poetry by the Greek state. In 1966 and again in 1979, Constantine II decorated him for his artistic work. He served on a number of Greek artistic institutions.
  • His paintings can be found at the National Gallery as well as the City Galleries of Athens, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and many others.