Prior to each sale, Hellenic Auction issues a bilingual catalogue, listing and describing the offerings with as many details as possible. Should you have any difficulty understanding said details, please refer to the following information.

I. Sample Standard Entry


II. “As Found”

The annotation  (ω/ε) or a/f indicates that the work has imperfections and/or wear/tear. Alternately, time constraints made it impossible to appraise it to the Auctioneer’s complete satisfaction.

III. Attribution

  • [An artist’s name, e.g. N. Gysis] – Works thus attributed have been assessed by experts and are considered the genuine creation of the artist by that name.
  • Signed – Works labelled “Signed by X” have been assessed by experts and found to be a genuine creation of the artist by that name, who also signed the work at some point during or after its creation.
  • Attributed to – Works thus labelled are attributed to an artist with some confidence, but without the complete certainty of the aforementioned attributions.
  • Studio of [artist] (dates)—This is how Hellenic Auctions labels products which its experts judge to have been the work of an unknown creator working in the named artist’s workshop, possibly as a student or colleague, with or without his observation.
  • In the manner of [artist] (dates)– When our experts have assessed the work to have been created in the particular style of the mentioned artist, at a later date.
  • After [artist] (dates)– When the work appears to be a remake or copy of a particular artist’s work.
  • Bearing signature/date— When the work carries a signature or date whose provenance cannot be entirely certified or identified.